Monday:           9: 00 AM  to  5:00 PM

Tuesday:           9: 00 AM  to  5:00 PM

Wednesday:   9: 00 AM  to  5:00 P​M

Thursday:         9: 00 AM  to  5:00 P​M

Friday:                9: 00 AM  to  5:00 P​M

Saturday:          9:00 AM to  3:00 PM


La Comunidad, Inc is a non-profit organization funded to provide a better future to 
the Latino-American community in the city of Everett and surrounded areas.
For over fifteen years, the executive director of La Comunidad Inc., Antonio Amaya, has built a solid reputation as Everett's most trusted community leader.
La Comunidad, Inc. and all its member volunteers are committed to offer quality service to the community.  All the members believe that a good reputation, honest and reliable organization is the recipe for success to provide and better assist our customers.

​​La Comunidad, Inc. 
​​La Comunidad, Inc. 

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About Us

Hours of Operation

La Comunidad Inc. Envisions the Latino-American immigrant population as becoming a community of self-sufficient individuals, able to declare themselves and make a difference in the neighborhoods and localities where they live. Focusing on service to immigrants residing in the city of Everett and surrounding tows, La Comunidad Inc. encourages its constituency to share a sense of destiny, to be part of the movement of all immigrants to improve their status and create a pathway to a better future for themselves and their families. This vision includes progress in the areas of public service, economic opportunity, leadership and participation in civic life.

Who we are: 


La Comunidad's mission is straightforward: full integration of Latino immigrants into the mainstream society of Everett (and surrounding towns of Chelsea, Revere, East Boston, Somerville, Lynn and Malden which also contains large Latino immigration, citizenship training, adult education, basic social services, and active civic engagement.